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    Why study on our    
    Preparation  Courses?

  1. Competition for places at UK Universities is fierce
  2. Students in the UK and other countries have had an extra year of study by the time the go to University
  3. Students Get much better results after a year of Adapting to UK Life and study.
  4. Students enrich their experience and multiply their friends and contacts.
  5. Our Programmes, developed over many years, are flexible and tailored to student's needs.
  6. Our programs will strengthen students' grasp of 'key' subject skills and concepts
  7. Our programs will strengthen students Skills in Academic English, research and I.T.
  8. Students achieve much more of their potential sooner.


Preparation Course (4 - 36 weeks)

The Preparation Courses we offer are designed for three main purposes.

  1. To train students to study with UK teaching methods in an English Cultural setting.
  2. To equip students with the appropriate I.T., English Language and Academic skills.
  3. To foster the attitudes, understanding and skills required for Achievement
There are four subjects that form the core of our preparation for University life and success.

English Language Training

We ensure that students are given a thorough grounding in academic English,so that the required I.E.L.T.S. score is attained, or the student is able to satisfy any University's requirement for English. We train in 'every-day' English to help full integration into UK life.

English Culture Appreciation

Just living in the UK for some time, gives students a significant advantage in terms of direct experience of English culture and teaching. Enhanced by our cultural awareness programs, students settle in quickly and adapt well.

Study Skills

We show students effective and efficient study techniques, research and documentation. Hard work and a positive attitude enable students to develop the necessary mental toughness for great results.

I.T. Skills

We impart the key IT skills, for all Assignments, research, practicals and projects.

Additional Modules

Extra Modules may be added, if required, in addition to the 'core' modules explained above. These will depend on the specific subject the student is hoping to take.

English Language Training (1 year or 6 weeks)

English Courses focus on Academic, Business or 'Every-day' English. We can train at any level from beginner to advanced, including business English and Academic English. we also offer summer camps for English Training and other 'educational trips' or student or staff exchanges (see services)


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